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Random Ramblings – Seventh Edition

Happy weekend y’all!  It’s been almost a month since my last Random Ramblings post.  I feel like I  ramble enough during my regular blog posts so I don’t want to bore you.  But if you want a little update on life over the past month, and tons of pictures (and not necessarily of food), then read on!

Holiday baking with my family!  One of my favorite days (duh).  My sis, me and my momma!

All the sugar…mmmm.  You can click HERE to get some of the recipes I made for our family bake day!

My gorgeous stepdaughter, Brooke (from my second marriage), came to our family bake day.  I had not seen her in quite awhile and I can’t believe the girl is already 20-years old.  Dang!  Time flies!  But it meant the world to me to see her, and spend time with her.  It broke my heart to lose her and her brother when I divorced their dad, but I never wanted to cause any issues after the divorce, so I kind of just let the kids be.  But now that they are adults, they have the free will to have me be a part of their lives if they want to or not.  So I hope we continue to have a relationship!  Love my Miss G too 🙂

Christmas with my family!  Ummm that face…she just melts my heart.  Miss A is so smart too!  And I am not just being biased because I am Auntie KK.  Plus she loves my baking… That’s my No Bake Nutella Pie I made, that is all over her face!

My moms 60th birthday was January 3rd.  I was busy, busy, busy the few weeks before her birthday, working on a special project for her, which I plan on sharing with you guys soon!  We celebrated my moms birthday playing bocce ball and having dinner together.  Pretty low key, but a ton of fun.  Look closely at Aaron (all the way to the right, holding Miss A) in this picture 😉  Aaron and Miss A sharing a piece of bread and Miss G with a mouth full of bread.  What can I say?  We love our carbs!

Miss G had to have surgery on her eye the day after my moms birthday and my poor sister was sooooo sick.  I don’t think I have seen her that sick in a long time.  I went over to their house after Miss G’s surgery so I could watch the girls for a little bit to try and help Wendy and Aaron out.  But mostly it was just an excuse to bring the girls presents (each girl got a stuffed animal) and cookies (recipe coming soon), play tag, give horsey rides, play hide and go seek and dance around all crazy.  It was awesome 🙂  Ahhhhh I love my nieces.  Can’t you tell??  They are my world!

Now I am helping to plan my stepson, Ethan’s, upcoming 10th birthday party.  Guess who’s making the cupcakes?!  We are doing a football theme.  Ethan is quite the football player…just like his dad.  James was the quarterback on his high school football team.  Now if only I had been a cheerleader in high school, then we would be the perfect couple hahahaha.  But no.  Not me.  I’m a FFA girl and raised pigs and sheep.  I was always so envious of the cheerleaders though.

Ohhhhh and I finished catching up on ALL the episodes of every season of Gilmore Girls and then watched the newly released episodes.  I love that show!!  Annnnnnnd I watched Deadpool last night and it’s funny AF.  I am not a “super hero movie” kind of girl…but this movie is AWESOME.  You totally have to watch it!!  Deadpool is my kinda superhero 😉 What are you watching??  I need another show to binge watch, so leave me your suggestions!!

There is a huge rain storm that is supposed to roll in this weekend.  I went to the gym and Costco already today, and now have no plans of leaving the house if there is a torrential downpour going on.

Anorexia recovery update (because some of you ask how I am doing): Everyday is still a challenge and my doctor told me what I already knew: I will struggle with this for the rest of my life (awesome).  I struggle with getting stuck eating only my “safe” foods.  So while I have been able to gain the weight the doctor wants me to gain each month, I still struggle with changing up the foods I eat on a daily basis.  With the New Year means a health insurance change, so I need to work on seeing if insurance will cover a dietician.  Most insurance companies only cover a dietician if you have diabetes, but not an eating disorder. Because that makes sense.  So it generally costs me $150 every time I see the dietician.  Physically I would say I am 3/4 of the way there, but mentally I am only a quarter of the way there.  That stupid voice in my head just does’t stop: “Are ya gonna eat that?”  “Why are you eating that?”  “You are fat.” Blah blah blah…..plus being a certain way for six years and then gaining 30-pounds is still an every day adjustment.  But I am forging along and dying to go back to work.

So I am planning on making more savory dishes to share with you guys, to help me mix my meals up a little bit!  Healthy dinners coming soon, along with some meal planning!  Plus I need to prove to you that I know how to do more than just bake…I am also quite the cook!

And then I found this picture from 5-1/2 years ago on the day I bought my house!  I was feeling a little reminiscent…and forgot how much I had done to the house since I bought it.  I think I had like 20 trees removed between the front and back yards (which was necessary—a lot were dead and posed a danger of falling on the house).  And I still have a ton of trees!!  It was like a jungle when I bought this place!  Ignore my next door neighbors house there to the right of the picture…I am just glad that she is next to me and not across the street from me.  Less I have to look at her house.  Ughhhh.  I put the white picket fence up, only on the right side, to make it distinct where our property lines are and not to confuse her mess of a yard to mine.  Wow that sounded bitchy.

And the orange tree I have out in front of my house produces the BEST oranges…so prepare yourself for some orange recipes!

Damn that was a long post, a lot of randomness and a lot of pictures.  If you are still reading, then I loooooove you!  Kwoo out!




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  • Reply
    Salli Bosch
    January 7, 2017 at 5:09 PM

    I sure love reading your Ramblings as well as your yummy recipes. I am excited to see you share some healthier recipes as well my friend. I LOVE cooking healthy too!!! There are so many great recipes to share!! Let’s do lunch soon!!! AND….Happy New Year!!

    • Reply
      January 8, 2017 at 11:52 AM

      Thank you! I am so glad you love reading my Random Ramblings posts 🙂 I am excited to share some healthier recipes too!! I cook healthy for myself…it’s just all my desserts are over the top heheheh. Lunch soon for sure! XOXO

      • Reply
        Salli Korbholz Bosch
        January 8, 2017 at 3:24 PM

        Can’t wait to see some healthy recipes. Message me when yo are free for lunch. I am free any days but Wednesday’s. Oma duties!! Xoxo

        • Reply
          January 9, 2017 at 12:03 PM

          Awesome!! I didn’t know you were back in town! XOXO 🙂

  • Reply
    Salli Korbholz Bosch
    January 9, 2017 at 3:35 PM

    Yes!! We have been back since October!!!!!

  • Reply
    Chelle Gill
    January 9, 2017 at 5:46 PM

    I love your honesty and openness. Praying for your recovery always. Love your recipes- I’m a crappy baker but I may try to make something lol

    • Reply
      January 10, 2017 at 6:06 AM

      Thanks girl!! And thank you for your prayers! I know you can totally make any of these recipes! Just read the entire recipe a couple of times first, and then get started! And you can always message me if you have a question 🙂 XOXO

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