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Random Ramblings – Third Edition

Happy weekend y’all!  What are everyones plans for the weekend??  It actually rained here pretty good on Friday and it might rain again this weekend off and on.  Definitely feeling like that Fall weather that had yet to show up here in California.  So if it’s raining, you will find me here at home, which means I will probably be whipping up some recipe in my kitchen……or online shopping.  Is it too early to get my Christmas shopping done?  I just hate waiting until the last minute and Black Friday really isn’t my thang.  I went one year, right when the mall opened up, and didn’t buy anything, didn’t find any deals and ended up with a migraine.  Plus I hate people crowds and especially slooooooow moving people.  Why is it that a family of six people, pushing strollers must spread out and take up all the walk space at the mall?  Seriously people!! I walk at a quick pace, something I picked up from my dad, so when I go shopping I am usually on a mission and don’t lolly gag around.  I don’t have time to walk slow…so get the eff outta my way!  So yeah….online shopping is probably better for me and everyone else.  Plus you know I love my UPS delivery guy, Glenn.  I finally asked him his name last time he was making a delivery at my house.

I was thinking of putting a post together including some holiday gift ideas for men, women and kids…is this something you guys would like to see??  I always find the most random things and I am a sucker for funny t-shirts.  Speaking of which, I really want this one.  But my lists would be general and be budget friendly.  We are big into Christmas stockings, so I am always looking for cute little things for all ages for stockings (everyone in my family gets one….even the adults).  I look forward more to my stocking than anything else!


James and Ethan bought me this shirt for my birthday…because this shirt just encompasses everything I love: cookies, Cookie Monster, N.W.A. and the movie Straight Outta Compton!  This is seriously how I look when I am outta cookies.

I love BuzzFeed and when I saw this I about died…sooooo true.  For everyone out there over 30-years old, read this and it’s guaranteed to give you a good laugh!  And just for fun take this quiz.  BuzzFeed quizzes are hilarious…and this quiz was pretty spot on for me…it was only off a year when guessing my age based on my Halloween candy tastes.  Yes I like candy corn and Good-N-Plenty.  I’m actually surprised it didn’t guess I was 80-years old hehehe.

How do you feel about group text messages?  I think some people don’t understand how they work and respond back thinking they are only responding to the person who sent it and not everyone else the message was sent to.  This is actually pretty funny.  And then there’s the group text message wars I get into with my mom, sister and brother-in-law.  I sat down to eat dinner the other night and by the time I was done eating, and looked at my phone, I had 63 text messages.  It was too funny.  We start sending each other funny meme’s making fun of each other and it just snowballs from there.


Just kidding!  But not really.  Unless your name is Mom, Wendy or Aaron—they are the only ones allowed to use the group text message feature with me hahaha.

Have you ever had that “One” dessert that was just amazing and you will never forget?  Well back when I could tolerate dairy, I had a slice of pie at a restaurant inside of one of the casinos in Reno, Nevada.  I can’t remember the casino or the restaurant name, but I think the pie was called “Don’t Snicker Pie.”  It had an Oreo cookie crust and fluffy pie filling with chocolate and caramel and peanuts, a play off a Snickers bar.  It was probably back in 2004…but I still remember it.  I keep thinking I will try and recreate it and maybe even eat it (damn my lactose intolerance to hell!).  I found this recipe and this recipe and they both seem close to what I remember.  I mean they sound as close to heaven as a dessert can get if you ask my opinion!  Tell me….what is your favorite dessert you have ever eaten???

At the bottom of my website page (if you are looking at this on your mobile), I have a few affiliate links I have added.  What this means is that if you click the link and purchase something from the company, I get a small percentage back, for no extra cost to you.  I have affiliated with Stitch Fix, Mod Cloth and Dough-EZ (I will be doing a blog post about their product soon) and Amazon.  I only affiliate with companies I use and believe in.  I love Mod Cloth because they have the cutest clothes and unique household items.  I have purchased several items from them before, so I was happy to be affiliated with them.  And you guys saw my Stitch Fix post, so you know I am a fan.  So if you are looking to sign up for Stitch Fix or need to do some shopping on Mod Cloth, I would appreciate you clicking on my links below!  Any compensation I get for being a part of their affiliate programs helps to offset the cost of running this blog.  Baking isn’t cheap and there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes costs that add up!

Thanks for reading (I told you this was random ramblings….) and I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Leave me a comment!!  I love hearing from everyone!!



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  • Reply
    Kelly - A Side of Sweet
    October 30, 2016 at 4:52 PM

    I am the same way with online shopping. I hate being slowed down by people that aren’t on a mission! 🙂

    • Reply
      October 30, 2016 at 5:17 PM

      Hehehe we are two peas in a pod….must be something about California girls named Kelly 😉

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