Custom Dessert Shoppe

I provide custom made desserts, made to order, for any occasion and any theme!  If you are in Central California and are in need of a cake, cupcakes or dessert catering for any occasion, please email me at to request a quote.  All desserts are baked from scratch using the highest quality ingredients and real butter.  Gluten free and special dietary restrictions can also be accommodated.



Custom made cakes in any size, flavor, filling and frosting.  Smash cakes also available!  Email me to create your custom, one-of-a-kind cake.  Cakes can be frosted with my from scratch buttercream frosting or covered in fondant, depending on your preference.

Cupcakes can be made in any flavor cake and any flavor buttercream or frosting!  Cupcakes can be designed to fit your specific theme.  Orders are by the dozen.

Pies, cookies and brownies can be made for any party or celebration!  I have catered dessert bars for parties and weddings, creating treats specific to what the client desires.  No order too big or too small!

Here, is a sampling of some of the different desserts I have made over the years for some of my customers:




































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