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Welcome to Kelly Lynn’s Sweets & Treats!

Hi!  Welcome to my new blog.  I am so excited that you have stopped by and are taking the time to read this!  So I decided to write a blog…because I love baking and want to share all of my recipes with you.  Some of the recipes I plan on sharing are old family recipes, my own recipes I have developed and some of my favorite recipes from other bloggers.

But just giving you a recipe is boring, so you will get commentary with it!  I will keep it real and hopefully make you laugh along the way.  Life is too short to take ourselves too seriously!  I also plan on sharing with you some of my favorite wines and wineries, as well as travel posts (when someone is finally able to talk me into getting out of the house—-damn my introverted self).

Thank you again for stopping by!  You can sign up via email so you will be notified of all new posts…and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to see what I am up to today!



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