Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings – First Edition

Hi!  Did you have a good weekend?  My weekend was busy, but a lot of fun too!  So no recipe today…just a little of what I like to call “Random Ramblings” of mine.  Sometimes I read blogs for the recipe, and sometimes I just like to read what the blogger has on her mind.  So today is all about what I have been up to and what’s on my mind.  If that’s not your jam, then come back by tomorrow for a new blog post that actually includes a recipe!

Saturday morning I went to “Push” class at the gym with my girls Danielle, Michelle and Angie.  Danielle usually teaches the group fitness classes, but this weekend she got a break from teaching and just got to workout with us!  I love the group fitness classes at the gym…it’s actually how I became friends with Danielle, Michelle and Angie!  We get a hard workout in, but do it having fun.  I always leave the gym in a great mood.  So that was a great way to start off my weekend!  I have been kind of go, go, go this past week so I told myself I wasn’t going to do ANYTHING on Saturday— and maybe just chill and watch Netflix or catch up on the 10 episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen I have on the DVR.  But I just can’t sit still for long.  So I ended up at Hobby Lobby to get a few supplies to make my newest wreath:


And then because I had the Halloween decorations out, I decided to decorate the house for Halloween, which meant that I had to clean the house too.  One thing always leads to another with me.  I wrote a couple new blogs posts, but haven’t published them yet because I am still trying to get my new email subscription program running.  I just don’t know a damn thing about computers or websites (plugins, widgets, SEO, say whaaaaaaat?), so I am waiting until James can sit down with me and hold my hand through it all so I don’t end up breaking my laptop in a fit of frustration.

My mother-in-law came over to visit for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, and besides having a ball catching up with her, I did a little recipe experimentation and came up with some really yummy cookies….these cookies will make their appearance on the blog this week, because I know you guys are dying for more pumpkin recipes!  Please say you are!


The sugar on these cookies!!!  They melt in your mouth!  I loved them!  And I sent a plate of them home with Leigh (my mother-in-law), so she was a happy that she scored some cookies.  Saturday night is all about the Hallmark channel for me.  So excited they will be playing their Hallmark Christmas movies soon.  Never too soon in my book!  But until then I just love all the other sappy, feel good movies that the Hallmark channel has (brand new movies every Saturday night!).  I mean every movie ends on such a happy note and in a world of craziness, I like to lose myself in the fairytale of happiness.  I am all about the Hallmark channel and any food show.  I have started watching a few new sitcoms and TRYING to watch Westworld on HBO.  Have you seen it?  I still haven’t gotten through the first episode from last week and it confuses the shit out of me.  I normally don’t watch shows that require such concentration or thinking.  Duh….that’s why I watch TV….so I don’t have to do that!  Any good shows you are watching that I should check out?

Sunday was all about helping my girlfriend, Gloria, decorate the nursery for her baby girl that is almost here!  Gloria and I met at work and she is just a total sweetheart!  Gloria likes the way I decorated the inside of my house, so I told her if she wanted help with the nursery, I would totally be down to do some decorating…and Gloria totally took me up on it.  She gave me her theme and we went shopping and picked out a few pieces together, and then she let me design the rest!  It was so  much fun!  The nursery turned out ADORABLE.  The decorating was going pretty quick until it was time to adhere the vinyl heart decal on the wall.  Have you ever put a vinyl decal on your wall?  Yeahhhhh…that took every last bit of patience out of me.  It was hilarious.  You had me, Gloria, her husband (Nate) and my husband (James) all working to get this heart decal to stick to the wall.  I finally said, “So it takes 3 cops and 1 firefighter to do this huh?”  Yeah.  So it looks good now that it’s up, but I don’t ever want to put another one up!  I was super happy with how the nursery turned out.  I also might have volunteered to help Gloria and Nate decorate their living room when they are ready.  They have a brand new house and I love a blank slate!

Later, James and I went for nice walk up to Sprouts so I could buy more packages of boneless, skinless chicken breasts to hoard in my freezer.  It was actually pretty hot out here today in the Central Valley.  But I always love going for walks.  James and I have such great conversations when we walk…no phones, no distractions.  I rounded out the night with a little barre workout and then time for dinner!  But first wine…the beginning of a perfect evening!

Ughhhh….the big 35 is happening for me on Tuesday! Ahhhh.  Crazy.  So what is a great way to celebrate being in your mid-30’s?  You drag your whole family to an indoor trampoline place so you can jump like craaaaaaazy! Hahahahaha I am just a big kid and I don’t care!

Okay so this was a long post of serious ramblings….I hope you had a great weekend.  Drop me a line and tell me what you were up to, what you are watching on TV or if you baked anything!  Check back tomorrow for a new post with an actual recipe!



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  • Reply
    October 10, 2016 at 7:30 AM

    I love your “sippy cup!” You need to check out “The Fall” on Netflix. Everyone on my team here at work is watching it. It’s really good! They have moved onto “Westworld,” and I can’t get into that one.

    • Reply
      October 10, 2016 at 4:51 PM

      Oooooh I will totally check out “The Fall.” And I am having such a hard time getting into Westworld, but I haven’t given up yet hehehe. Thanks for reading and commenting! Love you BFF! XOXO.

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